Commercial Credit Reporting Services

Commercial Credit Reporting Services

MCB Commercial Credit Services

is partnered with Experian providing businesses a full range of commercial credit reports and services that offer powerful, cost-effective information that minimizes business risk and assists in the efficiency of daily credit operations.

Combine your business credit needs with the industry’s best practices in credit management. You will be able to streamline your tasks, have better insight into the activities of your credit department and make better decisions through the products, analysis, and insight that MCB provides.

  • Industry Knowledge
  • Longevity in the marketplace
  • Superior live customer service
  • Flexible Contracts and Pricing

Simplify your credit process by working with MCB Business Credit. Let us tailor a program for your business!

Commercial Credit Information

Establishing quality accounts, reducing risk, and improving your bottom line – these are the keys to developing your business. Through our affiliation with Experian, we can give you a more complete view of your business customers large and small. Experian reports combine credit risk, fraud checks and company background into a single report and provide details about payment performance, public record history and collections history. That is information you can use quickly and precisely to determine the creditworthiness of a business.

  • Domestic and International Credit Reports – 3rd party sourced data -no self-reporting allowed.
  • Account Monitoring Service and Alerts
  • Portfolio Scoring Service
  • Automated Credit Decisioning
  • Commercial Credit Application
  • Collections and Collections Prevention Tools
  • Fraud Prevention Products