Business Credit Reports

Business Credit Reports

Make accurate and quick on-line business decisions!

Our full range of commercial credit reports and services on businesses are customized to address the needs of your company’s credit processes.

  • 3rd party verified information (not self-reported information)
  • Background on Owner and/or Principals of a Business with Criminal and /or Consumer Information
  • Public recorded data including liens, judgements, business registrations, bankruptcies, and Uniform Commercial Code filings (UCC)

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Premier Profile

BusinessIQ Premier Profile combines credit risk, fraud checks and company background into a single report to ensure a thorough business review that facilitates better decision making. It provides “quick glimpse” views and comprehensive details related to business payment performance, public record history and background information so you can quickly and precisely determine the creditworthiness of a business. 

Insight into what’s critical combining credit risk, fraud checks and company background information into a single report.

  • Comprehensive details so you can quickly and precisely determine the creditworthiness of a business.
  • Data integrity with credible sources and no self-reported information.

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Learn more about Premier Profile from this product sheet.

Business Profile

This credit profile provides a current, objective picture of how a business handles its financial obligations, including detailed trade, public record, collection, and background information. Including: Corporate Record: Filings from all 50 states.

Reduce risk in acquisition of new accounts with a comprehensive view of credit history and creditworthiness. Gain peace of mind that the information used for decisions comes from reliable third-party sources.

Intelliscore Report

Experian’s strongest commercial risk model to date, this all-industry product uses business information or blended business and consumer information to predict the likelihood of delinquency within 12 months. 

Blended (Includes Owner Data): FCRA regulations apply when purchasing blended information

When providing guarantor information at the time of inquiry, the report integrates both the business’ and the business owner’s credit history. Studies have shown that for small businesses, combined business and consumer data give a more complete representation of risk. 

Intelliscore Plus V3

Dramatically improve financial results with breakthrough predictive power

Intelliscore Plus V3 is Experian’s premier business credit available in two new model options. Our new models offer significant boosts in performance gains with 36% improvement in score performance and 50% improvement in score performance vs a consumer only model. You can assess risk quickly and reduce slow-pay and write-offs, all while improving efficiency with score segmentation. The new score scale now aligns with many consumer score scales ranging from 300-850 giving our clients more flexibility in setting cut-offs and developing risk strategies.

Intelliscore Plus V3 can be delivered as a standalone report, combined with a BusinessIQ Premier ProfileSM or delivered as part of regular scoring of your entire portfolio.

  • A scoring powerhouse — The score and report provide key insights into a business’s payment trends, public record filings, collections and business background information.
  • Blended data option — Receive a blended score, with both business owner and business information. This is the most predictive for small businesses.
  • No self-reported data — All data behind Intelliscore Plus is third-party-reported, with no self-reported data allowed or influencing the score.

Experian’s Intelliscore Plus V3 is available today via API and NetConnect. Contact MCB for availability on the platform you use to order BIS scores and reports.

Business Summary

Frequently used to help verify whether a business is active and/or legitimate, this credit summary allows users to make quick assessments on low-balance account transactions.

Process high-volume, low-dollar credit checks cost-effectively. The summary classifies accounts into risk categories by analyzing trade experiences and determining the presence or absence of collections data and derogatory public record filings. 

Business Owner Profile

Make sound credit decisions about small-business owners. Extending credit to small businesses can be risky. Don’t take chances. Use Business Owner Profile and extend credit with confidence.

Our Business Owner Report(s) provide the most accurate, current and comprehensive business owner or guarantor credit information available, so you can make more confident decisions. Evaluate business-owner risk from a commercial standpoint to get a comprehensive view of a small business. This report is typically used in conjunction with the Business Profile Report. Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) regulations apply.

International Reports

Global information on a wide range of businesses for more than 195 countries. We offer instantly available online reports that are completely up to date and include comprehensive information on targeted companies. These real-time international reports are available in English. 

Unify your worldwide credit practices and departments with credit reports from a single provider – Experian. Reduce research time; make informed credit decisions even on overseas businesses where risk assessment information can be limited. 

To find out more about Experian credit reports, contact MCB Business Credit