Business Credit Reports

Business Credit Reports

Make accurate and quick business decisions!

Our full range of commercial credit reports and business information services are customized to address the needs of your company’s specific credit processes.

  • 3rd party verified information (not self-reported information)
  • Background on owner and/or principals of a business with criminal and/or consumer information
  • Publicly recorded data including liens, judgements, business registrations, bankruptcies, and Uniform Commercial Code filings (UCC)

With MCB Business Credit, you can access the commercial credit reports you need when you need them. No minimums. No monthly fees. Both pay-as-you-go and volume pricing available.

Premier Profile

The most robust of all Experian business credit reports, our Premiere Profile report provides a comprehensive view of a business’s financial obligations as well as fraud screening, credit limit recommendation, more background information on the business and more data elements than any other report.  Find all of the credit background you need, including fraud and credit line recommendations, in one report.

Reduce the amount of research needed. Reduce risk in acquisition of new clients.

Business Profile

This credit profile provides a current, objective picture of how a business handles its financial obligations, including detailed trade, public record, collection and background information.

Reduce risk in acquisition of new accounts with a comprehensive view of credit history and creditworthiness. Gain peace of mind that the information used for decisions comes from reliable third-party sources.

Intelliscore Report

As Experian’s strongest commercial risk model to date, this all-industry product uses business information or blended business and consumer information to predict the likelihood of delinquency within 12 months. Make quick, accurate, consistent and cost-effective management decisions. Immediately identify new accounts meeting decisioning criteria, and reevaluate those previously declined. When evaluating small businesses, access blended data, the most predictive risk-assessment tool for small businesses and micro-businesses.

This easy-to-read, one page report includes:

  • Single credit-risk score for a quick decision solution
  • Key factors influencing the risk score
  • A percentage which ranks the risk level of the business compared to all other businesses
  • Summaries of the trade payment and public record data

Business Summary

This is a low-cost summarized credit report for low-balanced accounts (generally considered to be less than $1,000). The report analyzes the account’s current trade experiences, determines the presence or absence of collection data and derogatory public record filings, and then classifies the account into risk categories.

Business Owner Reports

Determine whether personal finances are supporting the business or vice versa. This report is critical if a business is reliant on the principal's resources for the credit decision. FCRA regulations apply when purchasing owner data.

Intelliscore Blended (includes owner data): This one-page statistical score report integrates both the business and the business owner’s credit history. It provides a brief summary on both the company and the owner. Studies have shown that for small businesses, combined business and consumer data give a more complete representation of risk. FCRA Regulations Apply.

Business Owner Profile (BOP): Provides in-depth information on the proprietor’s financial situation and is best used in conjunction with the Business Profile Report. Understanding how the proprietors handle their personal finances provides valuable insight on how they will likely handle their business finances.

International Reports

Comprehensive insight into your international customers and vendors, both prospects and existing, that is accurate, up-to-date, easily accessible and highly actionable. This data helps you assess risk, reduce exposure to late payments and defaults, and be more competitive overall.

Data from 225 countries, dependencies and territories — a consistent source, priced competitively.

Account Monitoring Service

This account management tool sends proactive event notifications to you on the businesses that you are monitoring. Robust trigger and filter options allow you to customize the solution to deliver only the notifications that are most important to you.

Reduce delinquency and bad debt by proactively monitoring your business customers. Save time and money with this efficient account management service. Improve results of collections efforts by monitoring slow paying or non paying customers.

Trust MCB Business Credit with Your Business Credit Reporting Needs

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