Since 1949, Merchants Credit Bureau (formerly known as Doctors and Merchants Credit Bureau) has been providing tools to businesses to improve their cash flow as well as their daily sales outstanding.

MCB is an industry leader in accounts receivable management, debt collection and loan servicing solutions. MCB helps businesses of all sizes with their cash flow across a wide array of business lines and vertical markets.

Our team is built from industry experts, functional leaders and an engaged ownership team.

MCB was founded by the late Atticus Jerome (Jack) Connell, Jr who was a member of the House of Representatives for the state of Georgia from 1969 – 2002. His family and staff continue to carry on his legacy. Our team represents a diversity of experiences and backgrounds, all sharing a single-minded focus to improve the financial lives of businesses, institutions, and people.

MCB understands that the relationship you have with your customers/patients is critical to your business. Our services are designed to collect your outstanding debt, keep your bottom line healthy while maintaining those relationships.

MCB partners with your organization on your business process and works hand-in-hand with you to maintain a healthy accounts receivable.

MCB is a member of ACA International and InsideArm. We stay abreast of all regulatory compliance and management oversight shapes how our employees interact with consumers, how we monitor and assess those interactions, and how we secure and protect both client and consumer data.

Our Services: