Data Contribution

Data Contribution

How and Why to Report Your Client’s Payments to Experian Credit Bureau Data Contribution

If you are not currently contributing let us get you started.

Becoming an Experian data contributor is easy. Simply call MCB Business Credit at 877-426-5265 to sign-up for the service and start forwarding us your accounts receivables.

Here are just a few of the many great benefits of contribution:

  • Reporting your experience encourages your customers to pay promptly.
  • You will receive discounted pricing on business credit reports.
  • Alert other credit report users to slow-pays and other credit issues.
  • Reward prompt-paying customers by helping them build good credit histories.
  • Gain debt collection leverage.

The more data Experian collects, the better they can help other businesses manage and predict risk. More data = better decisions. Other business owners can check business credit and offer credit to businesses with a track record of paying on time, as well as avoid doing business with companies that are overextended or falling behind on their bills.

By reporting such valuable data to Experian, you will further strengthen your customer’s business credit profiles and enhance the power of the information available for your company and other companies to make sound credit decisions.

Experian only accepts third-party sourced trade data – no self-reporting allowed. Self-reporting can be inaccurate and biased.

Share information confidently, knowing that Experian protects:

  • Company name
  • Data integrity
  • Customer list
  • File delivery

Creditors feel secure about reporting to Experian because:

  • Trade displays by business category
  • No self-reported data
  • Not used for marketing
  • Access limitations